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Today, we talk with Rebecca Scritchfield. Rebecca is a well-being coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified health and fitness specialist. Through her weight-neutral Body Kindness practice, she helps people create a better life with workable, interesting self-care goals. She has influenced millions through her writing, podcast, and appearances in over 100 media outlets including NBC Nightly News, CNN, the Today show, the Washington Post, O Magazine, Health, Shape, and many others.

Rebecca also wrote the book, Body Kindnesswhich takes a holistic approach to nutrition. The book really reflects Rebecca’s philosophy that health transformation occurs from the inside out.

In this conversation, we discuss the mentality of an athlete, what it means to live a healthy life, and we explore Rebecca’s journey and career. Rebecca’s journey blends small town values with big city dreams. She is extremely hard working, very well educated, and someone who cares deeply about helping people be their best self. She also talks about the importance of being useful and valued to people and how that has influenced her career. You will enjoy Rebecca’s energy, vulnerability, and creativity as she shares her knowledge on nutrition.

Rebecca is also active on social media. You can follow her on Twitter: @ScritchfieldRD, on Instagram@Rebeccascritchfield, and her website.

Thanks to Rebecca for coming on and thanks to all of you for listening!